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Litmus A Freeman



An Acoustic Compilation

Finished Works / Home Studio Demos / Camper Van Demos


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Tracks are in descending order of Recording (most recent first)


Badger [2006] (Finished Work)

The Universal Constant* [1995] (Camper Van Demo)

Holding Space For You [13522] (2021/22) (Home Studio Demo)

Another Life [1992] (Home Studio Demo)

How Patient Do You Want Me To Be? [13513] (2012) (Home Studio Demo)

Life On Line [13521/24] (2020/23) (Camper Van Demo)

The Whale & The Octopus [13519] (2018) (Camper Van Demo)

Lost Without Love [13515] (2015) (Finished Work)

Worlds Apart [13514] (2013) (Finished Work)

The New Normal? [13521] (2020) (Camper Van Demo)

The War Dead [2009] (Home Studio Demo)

Passing Clouds [13513] (2012) (Home Studio Demo)

Karma [13517] (2016) (C-amp-er Van Demo)

Lovely One [13519] (2018) (C-amp-er Van Demo)

Where We Both Belong [13513] (2012) (Camper Van Demo)

The Moment Now* [2008] (DIY Home Studio Demo)

Silly Game [1995] (DIY Home Studio Demo)

Your Call [2004] (DIY Home Studio Demo)

And So, But You (Song For Jim) [2005] (DIY Home Studio Demo)

Wooden War [1999] (DIY Home Studio Demo)

Summer Silence [1999] (DIY Home Studio Demo)

Tree In The Wind [1996] (DIY Home Studio Demo)



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Litmus A Freeman

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*Lyrics co-written with Cliff : Coates

[" : " between names = "of the family"]


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Litmus A Freeman

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