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And So My Egoes

Home Studio Demo

Vacant Lot' home studio demo (1998 Gregorian)

Joining me (Vocals / Lead Guitar / Drum Programming) are:

Bass-Martin Hynes, Rhythm Guitar-Scott Wheatley, Drums-Roland (The Drum Machine!)

Also available on the Vacant Lot SoundCloud Page here



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(Lyrics written with Martin Hynes)

© Project Freeman Music/Rude Griller Music (1/10/1997)

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Even though I thought real hard

I’m stuck before I start

My poor brain’s let me down again


It’s past its sell by date

Though I eat my fish and sleep my sleep

And I drink my Irish brew



Eloquence would give me power

Emptiness is mine to fill

Too weak, but my ego won’t let me

And so I let it go

And so I let my Ego

And so I let my Ego go

And so my Ego-es


Alter ego sacrifice

Stabbing on a deadly slice

Kick around your mind until it blows


Repeat Chorus


And so my Ego-es



Other Versions


Tuscan Raiders Live Studio Version


Tuscan Raiders Live for BBC Radio Suffolk at Ipswich Music Day 2005

Picture features 'Hynesie' (Martin Hynes) playing bass with the Raiders



The Story of 'And So My Ego-es'

Take off the E and Let It Go

Me and my bud Hynesie (Martin Hynes) wrote the lyrics to this one on the coach on our way to a (Manchester) United game. We spent many hours on those f*ck*n coaches! For me, going to footie was great fun but also an escape from my working life at the time.

This was the first song we wrote together. We took turns writing a line each, following each others previous line as we went. The words went nicely with a tune I had on the books and viola! 'Egoes' as it came to be known. "Even though I thought real hard" and it's a lot better than it used to be, I'm still continually aiming to live up to the sentiment of this tune and let my ego stay gone! (Hynesie was doing it pretty well last time I saw him)

But you probably always need a bit of ego to stand up and play in front of people?? Well that's my excuse anyway!


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