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Find A Way Through

Project Freeman Music Official Release


Release Date: 4 NINE-Sagittarius♐ 13523 UCC (23rd November 2022 Gregorian)

New Sagittarius♐Moon Release


Written by Litmus A Freeman © Project Freeman Music (January 2004 Gregorian)


Performed by:

Litmus A Freeman (vocals and guitars)

Artur Sousa (keys)

Gonçalo Marques (bass)+

Miguel Simoes (drums)


+ Original bass line by Martin Hynes


Recorded by Miguel Simoes (instruments) & Alexandre Picinni (vocals)

Mixed and Mastered by Alexandre Picinni

Produced by Litmus A Freeman & Alexandre Picinni


Artwork by Litmus A Freeman

(Original 'Tuscan Raiders' artwork by Al Bloomfield)



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© Project Freeman Music

(January 2004 Gregorian)

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Sun comes up, in light I’m drowned and I’m spinning round and round

I don’t know, where we go, but I’m going somewhere

Yesterday, got your way, better things will come astray

Riding on, a big sine wave, don’t wanna go down there again



But you can find a way through

You can find a way through

You can find a way through


Now you’re up, now I’m down, angry for the wasted time

Need to give, just to live, nothing left to give to you

All you saw, was wanting more, expectations run away

Now all you see, is all but me, thank God you gave it all away!


Repeat Chorus


With what you find, in your mind, you can find a way through (x 4)


You can find a way through

You can find a way through

You can find a way through



Previous Versions


C-amp-er Van Demo

Recorded 13519 UCC (2018 Gregorian) live DI via my Tanglewood Acoustic Amp parked up at The Groove House


Live Acoustic Version

Audio recorded live in France in 13512 UCC (2011 Gregorian) by Michel Griffin


'Tuscan Raiders' - Studio Album Version

Tuscan Raiders 2005 Gregorian

Recorded and Produced by Litmus A Freeman

Joining me on Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals are:

Bass-Martin Hynes, Rhythm Guitar-Scott Wheatley, Lead Vocals-Al Bloomfield, Drums-Turkish AKA Dirk Forsdyke AKA Dirk The Drummer)



The Story of 'Find A Way Through'

find a way through 13523

This one is about the emotions you go through when you experience a major relationship break-up

You can reach some really low points and it's very stressful but then you realise that no one else can make you happy and true contentment comes when you're happy with just being, and being with, yourself. In fact in the end it can be a real relief and then you think it might have even been better if you'd made the break sooner!

This tune was a regular part of my band's (Tuscan Raiders) originals set list in 2005/6 Gregorian, was on our studio album and was our 2nd single (pic below - artwork by Al Bloomfield).

find a way through

(I've tucked a little copy of the artwork into the corner of the artwork for my new 'solo' version as a little homage to the 'Raiders days)

((And... the tabletop featured in the artwork is the same old kitchen table that we (the band, my lads & their mates) had many a happy time at after I "found a way through", was actually the table I wrote most of the song sitting at, AND it featured in the Al Bloomfield artwork for the 'Raiders first single - that he penned - 'El Bastardos))


- o X o -


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