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Music Credits

I've played my songs with a few different people & bands over the years, mostly for fun whilst I had "a day job".



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Cliff Coates (Bass/Songs)


The Ultimate Shed


Cliff Coates (Bass/Songs)

Stella Ager (Vocals/Songs)


Vacant Lot


Martin Hynes (Bass/Songs)

Scott Wheatley (Rhythm Guitar)

Roland TR 707 (Drum m/c)




Martin Hynes (Bass/Songs)

Scott Wheatley (Rhythm Guitar)

Neil Diplock (Drums)


Tuscan Raiders


Martin Hynes (Bass/Songs)

Scott Wheatley (Rhythm Guitar)

Dirk Forsdyke (Drums)

Al Bloomfield (Lead Vocals/Songs)


The SubTles


Cliff Coates (Bass/Songs)

Dirk Forsdyke (Drums)


The Freemen

(2008 to date)

'Indy Niall' (Martin Hynes)

'Erbish' (Dirk Forsdyke)

Andy Bell (Guitar & Vocals)

Dylan (Banjo)

The Two Guillaumes (Drums/Guitar)

Miguel Simoes (Drums/Guitar)



(2011 to date)

Morgan Rosquet (Guitar/Songs)


Free Man Band

[13520 UCC (2019) to date]

(Current Band)

Miguel Simoes (Drums)

Gonçalo Marques (Bass)



'Thanks, To You'

A big 'thank you for the music' to Cliff : Coates.

When I met Cliff in 1990 I had written about two and a half songs... He had written about 10!

Together we wrote hundreds of tunes, some of which are included here (*© Halco Music)

He was the Lennon to my McCartney and the McCartney to my Lennon... but we won't talk about politics!!

The 'Raiders

My band 'Tuscan Raiders' formed in 2004 once I was free of employment and we had a blast for a couple of years.

A Big Thanks to all 'The Raiders' (especially as three of them still had their day jobs!)

 And big thanks to Hynesie for footie, fun and philosophy, as well as about 8 or 9 years of musical collaboration and of course for being an all round top bloke and bosom buddy.

A special thanks to Erbish (Dirk : Forsdyke) for all his superb 'matery', drumming & percussion work. Unless it says otherwise, any drums you 'hear here' are by him! (Dirk can add drum tracks to your own original music - see 'Dirk The Drummer' for details).

Thanks to Scotty for being '...the nicest man in the world..." (as quoted by Hynesie) and for sharing music, footie, tea and brewers golds!

And thanks to Al : Bloomfield for being a great front man and giving me the chance to concentrate on my lead guitar work and harmonies for a couple of years.

And more big thanks to Hynesie, Scotty, Erbish and Al for the 'Tuscan Raiders' versions of some of the songs here.


Thanks also to 'Weed' (Kevin : Haley) for everything, especially being my point man when I was first on the road.

   [" : " between names = "of the family"]

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