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Passing Clouds

C-amp-er Van Demo

(Recorded DI through the amp)

Passing Clouds (2012) Live Demo by Litmus A Freeman



Inspired by Dani Kulle

© Project Freeman Music - 15 Leo♌ 13513 UCC

(5th August 2012)

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That day, the sun was shining bright and strong

Everything felt right, it felt like we could do no wrong

And so, I wrote this little song

About what you said as we went along


How we travel free and keep it real

Waking everyday, just doing what we feel

Never making plans past the next meal

Committing to plans has no real appeal


But now and then, comes a passing cloud

To block the sunshine, with its heavy hanging shroud

Like a venue to play at long and loud

Distracted by praise and feeling so proud


But the trade off, is a broken road

The way restricted, for another week or so

No longer freedom just a heavy load

Commitments we grew from needs that we sowed


Make in the diary any date ahead, and the

'Goodbye to Freedom' song is playing in your head

Until it's over the open road is dead

Lost to those new commitments you bred


So sail the sunshine sea, the big blue sky

Free and easy, on a freedom high

Clouds will come passing, to stay they'll try

But from now on, we'll just let those clouds

Go passing by...



The Story of 'Passing Clouds'

I've been on the road in the van giggin' and buskin' for quite a few years now and enjoy the buskin' most of all

Gigs are great but they inevitably mean more commitment, like hanging out in the same place for a while until you've done the gig. Also there's equipment to set up, promotion to help out with, set lists to think about etc etc

Buskin' is really free and easy cos you can do it whenever you feel like it, start and stop when you want to, play whatever you like (within reason) and move on whenever the feeling grabs you

I was talking about this one day with one of my kindred spirits, Dani, my traveling companion at the time, whilst we were hanging out under a tree on the road in the south of France, and she said that commitments were like 'passing clouds' which blocked out the rays of freedom for a while...

I thought this was an awesome title and idea for a song and so pretty much wrote the whole thing there and then using a tune I'd had knocking around from some beach jams in Portugal

An hour or so later I played the finished tune to Dani and she loved it, thereby giving her approval to it going on the net!

Enjoy the tune but watch out for those passing clouds in your life

- o X o -


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