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The Simple Things

C-amp-er Van Demo

Live in the van in Portugal at 'The Groove House' - Using my Tanglewood T6 Acoustic amp


Latest - Live in Portugal - Version



At 'Barzinho', Ribamar - 5 Leo 13521 UCC (26th July 2020 Gregorian)

Video by Miguel Simões



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© Project Freeman Music (1997/2011 Gregorian)

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It’s the simple things that make you happy

It’s the simple things that make you smile

Like the simple things that you remember

That you used to do when you were a child

Just the simple things


You know I’ve tried to live a modern life and all that means

Striving for all the more and more now the simple truth shines on me

You can’t grow and grow and grow ‘cause you’ll fall over then you’ll know

You don’t need to feed desire throw your ego on the fire


Repeat Chorus


You know with Love we can rise above and leave behind the dark

When you find the Truth you don't need proof, you can feel it in your heart

You don't need a lot of stuff, the Universe gives you just enough

You just need to take some time to get in touch with the you inside


Repeat Chorus


We're not here to “work”, we're here to PLAY

And learn to Love each other every day

We're not here to Do, but just to Be

What we are Naturally

And do the simple things

Just the simple things



The Story of 'The Simple Things'

The tune was written in April 1997 Gregorian but I was never happy with the original lyrics, so I wrote some new ones in 2011 Gregorian which sum up how I feel about life these days.

The system always tries to keep us chasing after the next fix, more of this, more of that, because it's based on perpetual growth and profit. But of course nothing can keep growing and growing in a finite world, as logically it becomes unsustainable. In the past I worked in the corporate world, where they're always 'dangling the carrot' - a rise, promotion or some other perceived elevation of fake status to appeal to our conditioned desires. But once you've tried that for a while and realise how ultimately empty and unsatisfied such behaviour leaves you feeling you begin to appreciate the simpler things in life

As the 4th of the '9 Rules for Being Human' teaches us "a lesson will be repeated until it is learned", and one lesson I've had repeated a few times is that Life is great when you keep it simple, stay in touch with your inner child and do the things you love :)


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© Project Freeman Music (1997/2011 Gregorian)