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Take Me As I Am

Home Studio Demo

Vacant Lot · Take Me As I Am (2003)

2003 edit of a 'Vacant Lot' Home Studio Demo from 1998 Gregorian

Joining me (Vocals / Lead Guitar / Drum Programming) are:
Bass-Martin Hynes, Rhythm Guitar-Scott Wheatley, Drums-Roland (The Drum Machine!)



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© Project Freeman Music

(15th March 1998 Gregorian)

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Did I ask to be here?

I didn’t write the rules, your rules

And what are they really for?

If not for you to tell me

How you want me to be


And have I bothered you?

Or felt the need-le to control, more rules

Perhaps you can explain

Why you can’t live and let live

And take me as I am


Take me as I am

Take me as I am

Take me as I am

Take me as I am


I have a vision in my mind

Of a different world from yours

But you are living in the past

And your world won’t last

Your views will die with you

I’m here a little longer

Before I'm taken as I am


Take me as I am

Or I'm a lesser man

So take me as I am

Take me as I am




The Story of 'Take Me As I Am'

will you take me as I am?

This is to some extent another 'work' influenced song, from my experiences in the corporate world

A 35 year old's somewhat blunt rebellion against the rules imposed on the young by the old, but with a simple plea to just be accepted the way we are, rather than be forced to conform to the expected and perpetuate the mistakes of the past

But the same goes for relationships

Sometimes our loved ones try to change us, getting impatient with us when we don't behave the way they want us to, instead of accepting us the way we are and remembering why they fell in love with us in the first place!


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