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Three On Two

three on two

Camper Van Demo To Come



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© Project Freeman Music (21st June & 10th August 2010)

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Three on two

Him, me and you

Can you see

The fun boys three?

Off on tour

Maybe three on four?!?! (Who knows?)


Pump her tyres

Stoke the cabbage fires

Crank my chain

On the road again


Spin four wheels

How do these two feel?

Climb on top

When her pedals stop


Check her spokes

Take a couple o' tokes

Take her far

By the handle bras


Grind her gears

Handle how she steers

Now the switch

Swap the pedals bitch!

Now we're cool

A bunch of ridin' fools


(Double speed)

If her chain goes slack, grab her round the back

Careful you don't stack, on a pavement crack

Havin' heart attacks, if the cabbage lacks

Buying green in packs, fill your empty sacks

Now you got the knack, ridin' on her back

Give her crank a whack, now you got it mack!


Three on two

Him me and you

Can you see

Where you wanna be?

This is what we do

Ridin' three on two...



The Story of 'Three On Two'

three on two

This is one of a batch of four songs I came up with while I was on a road trip in June 2010 Gregorian with a couple of mates.

We'd got to a beach on the Belgian coast in the early hours of the morning straight off the ferry and had been hanging out there all day. We had two bikes with us, which we were messing around with in the car park like big kids, but there were three of us, so each of us took turns riding on the back of one of the bikes for a laugh

I had the idea of innuendo-ing this event into a smutty, five-way orgy and bike related poem (ha ha) which I later put to a blues riff.

The other songs of that batch were: Take Off Your Shoes And Open My Beer, Shut Up & Skin Up and It Don't Take Much.

If you have some words for a tune but no tune blues riffs always seem to work ;)


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