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Where We Both Belong

Camper Van Demo

Recorded 13514 UCC (2013 Gregorian)



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©Project Freeman Music: 30 Leo♌ 13513 UCC

(20th August 2012 Gregorian)


Well it seems that I have been here so many times before

Maybe this time will be different but I worry I'm not sure

But then I always seem to worry about something in my way,

Even when my life is perfect, because of something that I crave


Because of something I've been binging on then I binge on worry too

And I need to find the patience till the worry is not you

And I know we really mean them, all the things we say

So I'll try to find the patience to wait until that day


When all the things we've talked about are here without a doubt

Without misunderstandings, when we have worked it out

When we've broken all the cycles that have held us back so far

In our lives as they've been separate, the lives we've lived apart


Then we can chill together enjoying all the days

Without repeating cycles that have stood there in our way

When we can both be happy together and alone

And often share the open road cos that's where we both belong

That's where we both belong

That's where we both belong

Where we both belong...



The Story of Where We Both Belong

A song of reassurance, I'm singing to myself and my lover, a kind of "everything will be okay" song, no worries

There are always expectations and self reference criteria to manage when you first get together with someone new. It takes time and experience to get to know each other and how each other tick. After the 'honeymoon period' there are often misunderstandings because of assumptions made and maybe unrealistic expectations not being met.

This was written at just such a time. During solo time when you're apart and have time to reflect on recent events and put them in perspective. And in every relationship you learn so much about yourself in the reflection of the other. And hopefully you begin to see repeating cycles, patterns of behaviour which need to be broken for love to grow freely, for you to allow yourself to be free and happy to be your true self.

But this is also a song of insecurity and uncertainty and so also a song of hope for the dream future instead of trust in the universe. And hope that what you have said to each other about what you both really want is the truth and something strong enough to last, not transient, or something you have said because it's what you think the other wants to hear.

If it's not where you both actually belong it just won't last so long...


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© Project Freeman Music 13513 UCC (2012 Gregorian)