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Without Walking

Home Studio Demo

'Vacant Lot' home studio demo (1998 Gregorian)

Joining me (Vocals / Lead Guitar / Drum Programming) are:

Bass-Martin Hynes, Rhythm Guitar-Scott Wheatley, Drums-Roland (The Drum Machine!)

Also available on the Vacant Lot SoundCloud Page here



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© Project Freeman Music

(12/3/98 Gregorian)

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Even though I try and make my way around the world

I can get there without walking anywhere at all

I can have a ball

Without Walking


I can find my peace of mind is here inside my head

Even though the walls are falling all around my bed

I’m safe inside my head

Without Walking


You can close your eyes and find you’re anywhere you like

In another world where people lightly tread the floor

Catch me when I fall

Without Walking


If you want to join me here then leave your shoes outside

Tuck your judgement underneath your socks and share your mind

We'll see what we can find

Without Walking



The Story of 'Without Walking'


The Beatles (well actually John Lennon) wrote a great tune called 'There's A Place' that was on their first album, 'Please Please Me'. It talks about the place you can go when you're down or blue viz. inside yourself, into your mind. This song of mine echoes that sentiment; even though I love to travel "...I can find my peace of mind is here inside my head..." I can get there "Without Walking"

The demo's a bit old and copied from cassette tape so the quality's not that great but listen out for a great 'walking' bass line from Hynesie

(that's him with the massive eyebrows, central in the picture above, taken by my son Thom when he was 12 in a curry house in Reading whilst we were there for the festie in 2002, Scotty's on the left)


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