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Your Fragile Love

Project Freeman Music Official Release

A 'Scorpio♏Rising' Song (For Dani...)


Release Date: 5 EIGHT-Scorpio♏ 13523 UCC (25th October 2022 Gregorian)

New Scorpio♏ Moon Release to celebrate the Sun and Moon conjunct and eclipsing once again in Scorpio♏.


Written by Litmus A Freeman © Project Freeman Music 18 Gemini♊ 13516 UCC (8th June 2015 Gregorian)


Performed by:

Litmus A Freeman (vocals and guitars)

Gonçalo Marques (bass)

Miguel Simoes (drums)

Alexandre Picinni (keys & percussion)


Recorded by Miguel Simoes & Alexandre Picinni

Mixed and Mastered by Alexandre Picinni

Produced by Litmus A Freeman & Alexandre Picinni


Artwork by Litmus A Freeman

Butterfly photography by Ines Guia


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© Project Freeman Music 13516 UCC (2015 Gregorian)


There is a rare and beautiful butterfly

Do you believe it exists?

It only appears when every-thing's perfect

But its perfection persists


I have seen its wonderful wingspan

And those colours excite

In those rare and beautiful moments

when it's not scared to take flight


It's your fragile love...


In my mind the memories linger

We have seen the eclipse

I have felt the warmth in the wonder

And the love in those lips


Now it hides in peripheral vision

If you chase it it's gone

A chrysalis child 'till every-thing's perfect

Will it break free again?


It's your fragile love...


But now I feel the coming of summer

Will the still warmth come again?

And stop the breeze that billows and blows here

I will wait until then


For your fragile love...



Previous Acoustic Demo

Live demo recorded at The Groove House, Portugal



The Story of 'Your Fragile Love'

butterfly eclipse

...There is a rare and beautiful butterfly...

...We have seen the eclipse...


A celebration of those deeply intimate & personal, but fragile moments when everything is perfect and beauty springs forth, a lament to their passing and a longing for their return...

This is another of the many songs written for one of my very special twin flames, Dani. It describes how I saw her at the time it was written. I could write a book about her! And even though we're no longer together, I'll always love her for sharing her fragile love with me for as long as she could...


- o X o -



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