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Your Fragile Love

Live Demo

For Dani...

Written 18 Gemini♊ 13516 UCC (8th June 2015 Gregorian)

Live demo recorded in my room at Hotel Silani, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala

01 Aries♈ 13517 UCC (23rd March 2016 Gregorian)

Hear the waters of Lago Atitlan, lapping on the shore outside my room in the fade out...




© Project Freeman Music 13516 UCC (2015 Gregorian)


 There is a rare and beautiful butterfly, do you believe it exists?

It only appears when every-thing's perfect but its perfection persists


I have seen its wonderful wingspan and those colours excite

In those rare and beautiful moments when it's not scared to take flight


It's your fragile love...


In my mind the memories linger, we have seen the eclipse

I have felt the warmth in the wonder and the love in those lips


Now it hides in peripheral vision, if you chase it it's gone

A chrysalis child 'till every-thing's perfect, will it break free again?


Your fragile love...


But now I feel the coming of summer, will the still warmth come again?

And stop the breeze that billows and blows here, I will wait until then


For your fragile love...



The Story of 'Your Fragile Love'

This is another of the many songs written for one of my twin flames, Dani. It describes how I saw her at the time it was written. I could write a book about her! And even though we're no longer together, I'll always love her for sharing her fragile love with me for as long as she could...


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