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(Anarchy Song) The "An 'R' Key"

Camper Van Demo

Project Freeman ยท Anarchy Song



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R’s the key to Anarchy

‘Cause with-out the ‘R’ you just can’t see

How this word is meant to be

But the truth can set you free



Anarchy means “No Rulers”

It doesn’t mean “No Rules”

Again one day we, will live rule free,

But for now we need these tools


But don’t let their media fool you

When they publicise this term

It doesn’t have to lead to mayhem

We’ve all just go to learn


The proper definition;

“No Rulers” not “No Rules”

So use that ‘R’ and you’ll go far

You’ll never learn it in their schools


Just take the term “No Rules”

And insert an ‘R’ between

The letter ‘E’ and the letter ‘S’

And the truth can then be seen


Repeat Chorus


It means that we’re all equal

We don’t need a king or queen

We need ‘precedents’ not ‘Presidents’

To escape from where we’ve been


I ain’t the boss of no-one

And no-one’s the boss of me

And we can do what ever we like

And live in liberty


As long as we all do no harm

And don’t damage property

And honour our agreements

Not acting fraudulently


All the rest is rules for fools

Overt bureaucracy

I say “Cheers to Peers” not “Tears for Fears”

And salute the “An ‘R’ Key”


Repeat Chorus


We just keep decisions local

Small groups, communities

Where you know me and I know you

Not like in their huge cities


And we can live together

In peace and harmony

With natural rights and simple rules

Upon which we all agree


Then we don’t need no rulers

To tell us how to be

We can live without the Archons

Of Greek antiquity


No magistrates for reprobates

No overlords for the ignorant hoards

No-one judging you, no-one judging me

Just learn to use the “An ‘R’ Key”


Repeat Chorus



The Story of 'The An 'R' Key'


This 'Sesame Street' style sing-a-long song is inspired by the work of Mark Passio

A popular misconception is that 'Anarchy' means 'lawlessness', so that if anarchy was 'allowed' to spread it would lead to a breakdown of society, rioting and a general lack of civilised behaviour. This myth is perpetuated by the media via 'NEWS' (Never Ending Worry & Stress), movies and TV and a good example of classic conditioning by association.

Of course the minority in positions of influence who exploit their positions for their own gain, at the expense of the majority, like to maintain this position, that anarchy is a bad thing and that we need rules to protect us from violence. We can't have anarchy because that means no rules.

Mark makes it clear in his presentations what the true definition of 'Anarchy' really is - 'NO RULERS' rather than 'No Rules'

It occurred to me that the difference there, between 'rules' and 'ruleRs' is the letter 'R', and that's what led to the rest of the 'play on words' lyrics. Imagine this one getting sung by kids at skool, ha ha yeah right! Ah well, you never know...



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