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This Site Uses The Universal Celestial Calendar (UCC)

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Migrating to BitChute

former GooTube videos on these pages have been deleted

Videos will be replaced on BitChute ASAP


Latest Video & Studio Recording

'Worlds Apart'


Latest (Camper Van) Demo:

'The New Normal?'

Posted on David Icke's website by Gareth Icke



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"No Tax For War"

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Note: Calendar Dates
As I'm using the ' Universal Celestial Calendar' which aligns with the 24,000 year 'Great Year' cycle of precession, and the U.C.C was launched with the year 13,513 (which started on 20th March 2012 Gregorian) of the 24,000 year cycle,  all dates after that are in U.C.C format


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