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No Tax For War

The Freeman EP

A Selection of 'Freeman' Demos


Latest Live Playlist

Freeman Live at Barzinho

Live in Portugal

13521 UCC

(2020 Gregorian)


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DIY Demos

Laf Logo

A Selection of 'Do It Yourself' Home Recordings



Badger: Acoustic

A Compilation of Acoustic Demos


Solar Powered Songs

Solar Powered Songs

Live Camper Van Demos


Serf to Self: The Songs

Serf to Self

Demos of Songs for each of the Nine Steps

From Debt Slavery to Freedom


The Road to Redemption

Road to Redemption

Demos about Relating, Realisation, Remedy & Rebellion (AND Revelry!)



Previous Live Playlists


Live at The Harlequin Fayre


Live at Harlequin Fayre 13514

13514 UCC

(2013 Gregorian)


Live in France

Live in France

13512 UCC

(2011 Gregorian)


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Litmus A Freeman

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Note: Calendar Dates
As I'm using the ' Universal Celestial Calendar' which aligns with the 24,000 year 'Great Year' cycle of precession, and the U.C.C was launched with the year 13,513 (which started on 20th March 2012 Gregorian) of the 24,000 year cycle,  all dates after that are in U.C.C format



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