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(Hey! it's ShopCorn Stuff!)

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Sun in Virgo♍ Official Release


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Release Date: 3 SIX-Virgo♍ 13524 UCC

(23rd August 2023 Gregorian)


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ShopCorn ^




Litmus A Freeman - Vocals, guitars & bass

Dirk Forsdyke - Drums


Recorded by Litmus A Freeman (drums) & Alexandre Picinni (the rest)

Mixed & Mastered by Alexandre Picinni

Produced by Litmus A Freeman & Alexandre Picinni


Artwork by Litmus A Freeman


The Backstory


Another EP which has tracks with a message about some of the things that enslave us, but more importantly, what we can do about them...

how we can break free!

"HiSS" went the serpent, "Hey! it's ShopCorn Stuff!"

Hey! Have you ever found yourself at work (in a job you're starting to hate) daydreaming about getting the hell out of there? Maybe you'd rather be out shopping? But supermarkets drive you crazy too... Ah but there's always the good old corner shop instead eh? Go grab some ShopCorn from the shop on the corner, just the bits you need, not all that other Stuff you usually end up bringing home from the supermarket. We've all got too much fuckin STUFF right?! Get rid of it!

Play these tracks while you're having a good old clear out, of your home, your body, your mind and your spirit! :)




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These Tracks Are Finished Works Written by

Litmus A Freeman

© Project Freeman Music


Except ^ "ShopCorn" finished with lyrical help from Martin : Hynes © Project Freeman Music/(Rude Griller Music) (1998/99 Gregorian)

Original guitar licks idea in "Stuff" by Scott : Wheatley

[" : " between names = "of the family"]


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