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(Seize The Day)

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Released 3 SIX-Virgoā™¨ 13524 UCC (23rd August 2023 Gregorian) on:

'The HiSS EP (Hey! it's ShopCorn Stuff!)'


Vocals, guitars and bass by Litmus A Freeman

Drums by Dirk Forsdyke


Recorded by Litmus A Freeman (drums) and Alexandre Picinni (all the rest)

Mixed and mastered by Alexandre Picinni

Produced by Litmus A Freeman & Alexandre Picinni


'Artwork' by Litmus A Freeman


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© Project Freeman Music

(9th Feb 2000 Gregorian)

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So I’m sitting here, dog and bone

Another claim to fame or claim to blame I'll never know

Another box bound berk, from Berk In ‘Ead

Mourning his precious wheels, why don’t he fuckin' walk instead?





The piles of fallen trees, have reached my knees

And all the overtime for ever more won’t clear the floor, there’s always more

Many more like me, have felt this way

But still they stay, I think it’s time to leave and seize the day!





World’s in the waiting, time’s in the change

But I’m living in limbo land in the chains…

Of every day the same


Time to get away, alive again

Feel the fear and do it anyway, if not today then when?





Hey...Gotta get away



Live Acoustic Version

Recorded live in France in 13512 UCC (2011 Gregorian) by Michel Griffin



The Story of 'Hey'


My ol' mate Hynesie used to work in insurance, for a very large "French" global conglomerate... mentioning no names let's just say that if they had to make a female employee redundant they would probably just axe 'er

He'd often tell me about a typical stressful day at work, running a motor claims team. I was still in the corporate world at the time too and had had responsibility for a call centre team in the energy sales business, so I could really identify with the tales of long hours, crazy deadlines, and being caught between a rock and a hard place in the guise of manic management control freaks and ever more demanding customers who'd been hyped up by the media post Thatcher to expect the world on a plate every day because they were paying a few quid for a service in a "competitive market"

So this is really me just saying, "...Hey! You know what? There is another (real) world out there, if you can just escape from all this bullshit at some point! If not today then when?..."

The point is I was singing it to myself at least as much as I was to Martin! Luckily it's all turned out for the best as I managed to escape the rat race 4 years after writing this one and he's recently 13512 UCC (2011 Gregorian) been set free himself, after we'd both managed as a stop gap measure to maneuver ourselves into positions which more suited our ethics and outlook on life

Are you happy in your 'work'?


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© Project Freeman Music (2000 Gregorian)