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Litmus A Freeman


FreeMan: No Tax For War!

A Chronological Compilation of 'Freeman' Songs

All these tracks have a message about the things that enslave us, but more importantly, what we can do about it,

how we can Break-Free...

This Chronological Compilation summarises my journey of Realisation and Awakening along the path to FREEDOM


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Prejudice (1991) (Home Studio Demo)

Let It Go * (1991) (Home Studio Demo)

You Should Do It Too * [1992]

The Waking Hours (1995)

Hector (The Collector) (1996) (Home Studio Demo)

Stuff! (1998)

ShopCorn (Shop On The Corner) ^ (1998/99)

Hey! (Seize The Day) (2000)

Find A Way Through (2004)

Your Call (2004) (Home Studio Demo)

Look Inside ± (2004)

Same Same (But Different) (2005)

A Prophet-Able Pay Day (2005)

The Moment Now * (2008) (Home Studio Demo)

Freeman (2009)

The War Dead (2009)

NO TAX FOR WAR! (2009)

The Simple Things (1997/2011)

No More! (It Doesn't Have To Be Like That) [13513] (2012)

Feedin' The Machine [13515] (2015)

Lost Without Love [13515] (2015)

The New Normal? [13521] (2020)

Life On Line [13521/24] (2020/23)

Happy New Day (2011) (Home & Mobile Studio Demo)


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All songs are by

Litmus A Freeman

© Project Freeman Music

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* Co-written with Cliff : Coates

^ With some lyrics by Martin : Hynes

± Co-written with Al : Bloomfield

[" : " between names = "of the family"]


All music performed by

Litmus A Freeman

unless otherwise stated


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