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Feedin' The Machine

Home Studio Demo

Freeman · Feeding The Machine (Home Studio Demo)

(Drums by Miguel Simoes)



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© Project Freeman Music 13515 UCC (2015 Gregorian)

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My Dad said to me as I left school,

"...You need a job to pay your way

'Cos things cost money,

and you're gonna need things,

that's just the way things are today..."

So I left home and went to work at just sixteen

Started feedin' the machine


Me and my brother moved into a flat,

I paid my share of bills and rent

I got paid on a so called 'Thursday'

and by 'Sunday' night it was gone,

that's how the 'weekends' are all spent!

And when their calendar's got you slavin'

for the 5 days in between

You're just feedin' the machine


I got married, we had a couple of kids,

I love them dearly to this day

To put food on our table

and put clothes on our backs,

I needed lots more pay

I got me a work promotion

but the tax-man stripped me clean

I'm mostly feedin' his machine


To buy our own place

I had to get a big loan,

"that's called a mortgage" I hear you cry

And that means death pledge,

and that's because,

it feels like you pay it 'till you die!

And most of it's interest

that goes to the 'bankster' team

They love us feedin' their machine


But I worked harder,

got me a raise,

I kept aiming for the top

But as my pay went up

so did my debts

and the interest never stops

Met me a 'bankster'

he said "...son, you may be keen,

but you're just feedin' my machine..."


Began to realise

what was going on

and how those 'banksters' call the shots

They run the system,

all based on debt,

lending 'money' they ain't got

So it don't matter if you work hard,

if you're generous or mean,

from what I've seen

You're still feedin' the machine


Did me some learnin'

about how it all works

and how they trick you right from birth

Your 'NAME' is 'money' to them

when you're playin' the serf,

but your sweat and your talent's what you're really worth

But while you're reapin' what you're sewing

at the ignorance latrine SHIT!

You're just feedin' the machine


And if you don't know where you're goin'

and you're not sure where you been

You're prob'ly feedin' the machine


But when your wisdom is 'a showin you

what a fool you've been.....

You'll stop feedin' the machine

Yeah, you'll stop feedin' the machine

'cause we're all feedin' the machine

So let's stop feedin' the machine!



C-amp-er Van Demo

(Recorded DI through the amp at The Groove House)



The Story of 'Feedin' The Machine'

feedin' the machine

Feeding The Machine is about how most of us inadvertently end up giving our energy to the system without really realising it, often through social conditioning and just doing what is 'expected' without question. But once we see what is going on we can do something about it... STOP feeding the machine!

This is a summary of my life in the system, how I got out of it and how any one else can do the same. Project Freeman can help with this, especially Part 1, which explains " they trick you right from birth..." and how, once we realise what is going on, we can implement some remedies.


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© Project Freeman Music 13515 UCC (2015 Gregorian)