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Same Same (But Different)

Live Version




Live @ Harlequin Fayre, Great Britain, 13514 UCC (2013 Gregorian)




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(23rd January 2005 Gregorian)

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*{shorter version does not contain this verse}*


Car bomb chaos on the streets and TV screens, everywhere the Empire’s been

Deja Vu I’m sure I’ve seen this all before, partitioned lands and civil war



A trail of terror in our wake,

Evolution says you learn from your mistakes, but this is no mistake

It’s all part of one big plan ever since the fall of man


Space invaders rule the world are you tuned in to the way it's always been?

Fear and “freedom” marketed like cans of beans and trivia distracts you from the scene and the question why?


Repeat Chorus


I read a book called 1984, if you don't read just look outside your door

They tell us we’re the ones at threat but I am sure, aggressor is the name for those that start the fuckin' war

*{And “Holy Words” from Hollywood promote the beast, and terrorise the middle east

They came from there, now they’re on Sky & CNN, in Washington and No.10}*


Repeat Chorus


Same, Same, but different

Same, Same, but different



Tuscan Raiders Studio (Shorter) Version



The Story of 'Same Same'

"sam sam" with the raiders, live @ 'Quilt'

This one is very much inspired by the fantastic work of David Icke, who's books I have been an avid reader of since I began to "wake up" in the mid '90's. I also spent a lot of time in Thailand when I was traveling, post employment, and liked the "same same but different" phrase the Thai's use 'cause they don't have a direct translation for the English 'similar'.

It occurred to me that the way the imperial history of the European (Babylonian) aristocracy has repeated itself as they spread their evil across the globe was very much 'same same' and is by no means an accident or coincidence... in fact if you do the research you will see that it's very much "part of one big plan, ever since the fall of man"

I sent Ickey an email with the lyrics and was pretty chuffed when he actually posted it on his web site under the banner

"a song for our times"

- o X o -


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