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The New Normal?

Camper Van Demo

Freeman · The New Normal?


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© Project Freeman Music 13521 UCC (2020 Gregorian)


There’s nothing normal about this


They’re telling us that we’re all under threat, and lucky if we’re not infected yet

We have to stay at home or more will die, but those who tell us this are prone to lie


We have to keep our distance from the rest, unless we pass their man made virus test

We mustn’t touch or share a kiss or hug, and all wear masks to keep away the bug


But their covert cult of crime collapsed the towers, to fuck our freedoms and increase their powers

Now this propaganda play is a Game of Drones, enforced by psychopaths behind their clones


There’s nothing normal about this!


They’ve closed the borders & they’ve closed our minds, put the shutters up and pulled the blinds

They fake the numbers and they censor science, demand obedience and full compliance


We mustn’t give in to their hidden fear, glued to ‘Netflix’ whilst our rights all disappear

It’s through this fear they’ve made us all comply, with our imprisonment now don’t you wonder why?


But I’m not the only one who smells a rat, cos they’ve always lied to us I’m sure of that!

So I’m suspicious that this virus farce, is just the Gates-way to the vaccination pass


There’s nothing normal about this!


But we’re of Nature and the dark we shun, we need to breath the air and feel the Sun

The world is still the same outside the door, they just want it for themselves and us no more


So do no harm but take no shit, or we’ll remain up to our eyes in it!

See the truth and open up your mind, leave the dark behind before we all go blind


So this “ New Normal” we must all resist, and in defiance raise a passive fist

Step out-side and walk into the light, it’s for our freedoms and our rights we fight


Now say “I… do not, comply!”


There’s nothing normal about this...



The Story of 'The New Normal?'


'The New Normal?' is written from the perspective of an anarchist who distrusts big government and corporations and suspects that the "corona virus pandemic" (perhaps we could call it 'CoronaCon 2020') is being used to further erode our natural rights and freedoms, just as the inside job on the twin towers in New York was in 2001 Gregorian.

Of course we need to protect those vulnerable to a virus, whatever the truth behind its creation and release proves to be, but the extreme measures and enforced lock-downs as a prelude to the "New Normal" - and Bill Gates/big pharma vaccination pass for all  - must be peacefully but firmly resisted in the opinion of this anarchist.

Because there is nothing "normal" about this media mantra driven, proposed 'New Normal'


  FOOTNOTE: I was pretty chuffed when this song was posted to the David Icke Website by his son Gareth


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