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The Waking Hours

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Live @ Harlequin Fayre, Great Britain 13514 UCC (2013 Gregorian)




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(9th July 1995 Gregorian)

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Ain't it strange how we change when we wake from the sleeping hours

And a stream of our dreams slips away In the morning shower

We're denied and deprived of the thoughts in our fantasies

And we rise to a world in which we no longer long to be


You can see us walking to work every day

In the sunshine, wishing the days away


And so few really do what they like and what they're good at too

Spend their time in 'The Times' hanging 'round on the underground


We spend years learning to be what we're not, and never sure

How to fit the profile that they're looking for


We turn up and try, in a shirt and a tie

While the part of us that we hide deep inside

Longs to reach for the sky, and fly


Living out what's in your head is the best way to get you out of bed

To be you, just to do, what you like (and what you're good at too)

And to use the other side of your brain

And to leave, a part of your soul, behind in your name


There's a reason we dream, make the most of the Waking Hours

We dream to make the most of the Waking Hours

Make the most of the Waking Hours

The Waking Hours



The Story of 'The Waking Hours'

Young Litmus working

Young Litmus at Work

Sitting in a dull, stuffy office on a beautiful summer's day is enough to depress anyone. That's where I found myself one day in 1995 having been to the pub over lunch with my old mate Cliff (actually the first of the words came to me sitting on the loo!!). It was one of the first times I really started to question what the hell I was doing wasting my life in the corporate world. Most days it certainly felt like trying to turn a big mill by hand...

So for me this is a special song and even though the demo's not the best quality I had to put this one on the site as it's really the song that began 'The Journey Home' - my 'Road To Redemption' aka From Serf to Self

Make the most of your Waking Hours...

- o X o -


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