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Look Inside

"C-Amp-er Van Demo"

Live demo at 'The Groove House', Portugal - 13519 UCC (2018 Gregorian)


Live Gig Version

Video recorded live in France in 13512 UCC (2011 Gregorian)


Audio only below - from the same gig



(written with Al Bloomfield)

© Project Freeman/Sparky Music

(Oct 2004 Gregorian)

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Take the time to realise, you need to find some peace of mind to stay here...

It takes a little common sense, to find the inner confidence to stay here...


Close the paper, open mind - the real world ain’t hard to find in here...

Cross your legs and look inside, find the inner light that shines in here...


Out there, there’s a million things to

Take you, away from what you should be

Doing, with your time on earth so

Look Inside

You've got to

Look Inside



We also did a lovely version of this one for the  Tuscan Raiders album

  Joining me (on guitars, bass & backing vocals) are Al Bloomfield (Lead Vocals) and Dirk Forsdyke (Drums)



The Story of 'Look Inside'

Look Inside Your Heart

I feel that much of what we're bombarded with every day within the system through the corporate media and our various forms of "employment" distracts us from what we're really here to do. And the conditioning we are exposed to on a daily basis acts to reinforce the message that all the answers are outside of us and can be found through hard work, studying, religion etc etc etc

But as we wake up to reality we find that in fact all the answers are inside us, where our spirit connects with the singularity of infinite love...

This one came out of a little creative sesh me and Al (Bloomfield, our 'Tuscan Raiders' front man) were having one afternoon at my gaff where he was lodging with me at the time. He had a couple of tunes and I had this one and we sort of helped each other finish off each other's songs in Lennon & McCartney style...

I recorded a demo with Al and Dirk our drummer and because the other lads weren't on it we put it as a kind of hidden track at the end of the 'Raiders album ' They Can't Take What You Haven't Got'. So, if you 'Look Inside' the album you'll find it hiding there at the end after about 30 seconds of silence. The '...mainstream shite....' Al is referring to at the start of that track was related to some ex army guy called 'Blunt' I seem to remember ;)

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