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Happy New Day

(A Song For The 99%)

(REALLY Cheesy - but hopefully ANNOYINGLY Catchy!)


Portable Home Studio Recording



Recorded in Southern France (thanks to Odille x) with guitar, mouth 'bass', knee slaps and tambourine


Plus Drums!

Happy New Day [2011] by Litmus A Freeman  

Drums added by "Dirk The Drummer" and introduction by "Wookie" (i.e. his little daughter Brook!)



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© Project Freeman Music (9th Nov 2011 Gregorian)

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Happy New Day - the 99% are here to say

Happy New Day - we're gonna take the world back today

Happy New Day!


When we were kids, we used to go out to play all day

But as we grew up, loads of other things got in the way

Given too much to 'DO', forgot about taking time to 'BE'

We were led astray, became slaves to the 1% and


We.... forgot that we were all born

FREE.... but now we're starting to see


Repeat Chorus


You know, we are all one, sharing the ship “Humanity”

And infinite LOVE, connected via singularity

We came here to learn, the lesson of unconditional LOVE

But this planet called earth, has been taken by those who live by


Greed.... but we've got 7 billion to

Feed... now we know what we need!


Repeat Chorus


A Happy New Day – the 99% are here to stay

Happy New Day – we're gonna take the world back today

Happy New Day


We ain't gonna pay 'The Banksters' debts NO WAY!

We're gonna stop 'The Usury' today

We're here to tell 'The Soldiers' we don't wanna play

We're gonna take your bombs and guns away

We're here to tell 'The Taxman' “...we ain't gonna pay...”

You can tax 'The Corporations' millions a day

We ain't gonna go to work, we're going to play

We're gonna put the 'In Tray' straight in the 'Out Tray'

Happy New Day....

Happy New Day....


Happy New Day....

(even if you think this song is "Gay"!)


Happy New Day

We're gonna take the world back today

We're gonna take the world back today

We're gonna take the world back today




Live Version

Live @ The Harlequin Fayre, Great Britain 13514 UCC (2013 Gregorian)



The Story of 'Happy New Day'

happy new day

Sunrise in Southern France on the day of recording

When we were at the 'Out Of The Ordinary' Festival this year (Sept 2011) I was greeted each morning by Ben Aur (Dr. Rock) with a "Happy New Day". I loved this because in recent years I've begun to live my life more and more in the moment and don't really measure my age any more but, when asked, I count my age by the day rather than the year. For example today, as I sit here typing this new page it is my soul's 17673'rd day in this vessel here on earth! As Peter Russell's 'Spirit of Now' page states:

"... The day is the natural cycle of our lives. The cycle of light and dark, wakefulness and sleep, has more significance than the cycle of the seasons. Indeed, in equatorial latitudes, you hardly notice the passing of the seasons. The day is what counts..."

Anyway, since OOTO I've been singing a little "Happy New Day" chorus to myself and it seems to somehow put a bounce in my step and a smile on my face. Then as the 1%/99% concept seemed to emerge around the same time I started to get some "Happy New Day" words coming to me, and imagined singing this REALLY CHEESY (but hopefully annoyingly catchy) song along with a big happy bunch of 99%-ers

You know protest songs can often be a bit dramatic, dull or even miserable but I believe that the energy we need to express right now to bring about the change we want to be is uplifting, positive energy, preferably with some tongue in cheek humour thrown in, you know like Bill Hicks said "...it's just a ride..."



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