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At 'Barzinho', Ribamar - 5 Leo♌ 13521 UCC (26th July 2020 Gregorian)

Video by Miguel Simões



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© Project Freeman Music (2009 Gregorian)

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That's not my NAME, I’m not your slave

I live by the moral law and that’s how I’ll behave

With love and respect, for my fellow man,

Now I remind those of your kind your statutes never can


Control the freeborn with their rules and their demands

For I will not stand under what I do not understand


'Cause I’m a freeman, on the land

And I’m doing, everything I can


Though I may travel, by the sea

I will not pour its contract law, your power over me

I want no part, of your society

You're over ruled us freeborn fooled are finally breaking free


My birth was registered but my parents never meant

For me to work my life for you and I do not consent


'Cause I’m a freeman, on the land

And I’m doing, everything I can

To be a freeman, on the land


Your phony money, your twisted tongues,

The corporate corruption of your cities fills my lungs

I see through your fiction, your Roman “law”

Now I’m wise, you capitalize so you can tax the poor


Submission, application, registration’s not for me

'Cause the planet is my country, and through all your dogma I can see


'Cause I’m a freeman, on the land

And I’m doing, everything I can

To be a freeman, on the land





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Live @ The Harlequin Fayre, Great Britain 13514 UCC (2013 Gregorian)



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(Migrating from GooTube to BitChute - video will be uploaded asap)



Recorded live in Cahors, France in 13512 UCC (2011 Gregorian) by Michel Griffin



The Story of 'Freeman'



I was really inspired when I'd researched the 'Freeman on the Land' concept and found most of it to be true.

I thought it would be great to have a tune which kind of summed up what it was all about and came up with this...

Once we all realise that WE have all the power and that WE are in charge of our own lives and that WE can take responsibility for our actions and stop supporting the corrupt, parasitic elite things will change much quicker...

If you feel the same please tell all your mates about it, spread the word, and feel free to circulate this tune around.


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© Project Freeman Music (2009 Gregorian)