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The Moment Now

Home Studio Demo

Recorded 9th April 2008 Gregorian

(Percussion by 'Erbish' AKA Dirk Forsdyke)




(Written with Cliff Coates)

© Project Freeman/Halco Music

(11/1/2008 Gregorian)

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Close my eyes, the haze it takes me, to a place of mine

No one here would, dare awake me, as I’m creating space in time


Everyday for me is a Sun-day

Every time's an afternoon

All the words are out there drifting

Into my room


Through the window, chords are calling, searching for a melody

No song of mine could, now awake me, from unforgotten memories


Every song for me is a Sunday

Every thought an afternoon

Every word I write can free me

If I seduce it with a tune


But I won’t sleep until I find a pen and paper, ask my guitar to find the notes

And after midnight, early Friday morning, my song becomes and off she floats

Yeah after midnight, my song becomes

The moment now and off she floats

My song becomes the moment now

My song becomes the moment now



The Story of 'The Moment Now'

The Moment Now - riting a Song on Koh Samet, Thailand

Being in the moment on Koh Samet, Thailand after quitting work :)


I find that when we do the things we came here to do we really do 'live in the moment'

For me that means playing, performing or, as in this case, writing songs

I'd had this tune knockin' around for a while but hadn't got 'round to writing any words until one night my mate Cliff was over for a band sesh. As I remember it, he helped me write the lyrics by asking me what the music conjured up in my mind - dreamy summer Sunday afternoons etc... Then we knocked some ideas around; I loved his lines about being taken to "a place of mine" and "unforgotten memories". I added the last verse a bit later because I really could not go to bed until I'd written it down!

I love the whole idea about being in the moment when we write songs, or just doing whatever it is that inspires us

I hope you find yourself in your 'Moment Now' too...


- o X o -


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