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A Prophet-able Pay Day

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Released 1 ELEVEN-Aquarius♒ 13524 UCC (20th January 2024 Gregorian) on:

The 'No More!' EP


Vocals, guitars and bass (and vocal 'trumpet') by Litmus A Freeman

Percussion by Alexandre Picinni


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Alexandre Picinni

Produced by Litmus A Freeman & Alexandre Picinni


Artwork by Kayleigh Waters

Concept by Litmus A Freeman


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Project Freeman · A Prophet-able Pay Day (Comments Version) | Bonus Track



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© Project Freeman Music (13th December 2005 Gregorian)

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Have you wondered why when prophets die the priesthood come along

And feel the urge to turn their words into religious songs

From wholly truths come vaulted roofs and rules they use to rule

The frightened mass of every class and many have been fooled


And Jesus bled or so they said because he spread his truth

That heaven is inside us all - your intuition's proof

But the ruling class want you to pass your power to their church

And sell control to find your soul and priests to help you search



And the more you're lost the more it costs to find your way back home

You may arrive in Mecca, Jerusalem or Rome

But there you’ll find they’re one of a kind just packaged different ways

Religious laws and Holy Wars to lead us all astray

For a prophet-able pay day!


The Buddha sees on bended knees that stuff is just for show

And advocates Nirvana waits for those without ego

But the thought patrol then make their goal a thousand different ways

With effigies our eyes to please so we miss the point of what he says


Repeat Chorus


With words they fool and ridicule the ancient festivals

And build their might on ancient sites to spread their fear of hell

Their dogma knows no bounds and shows that we don’t need some guy

In a Roman shack and a fish head hat to tell us how to buy

A passage when we die

To a dreamland in the sky

You can hear the prophets cry...

Your answers are inside


Repeat Chorus x 2



Previous Versions


C-amp-er Van Demo

Recorded at The Groove House 13519 UCC (2018 Gregorian)


Live Version

Live @ The Harlequin Fayre 13514 UCC (2013 Gregorian)



The Story of 'A Prophet-able Pay Day'

A Prophet-able Pay Day cover

I wrote the words to this one in 2005 Gregorian but didn't put them to music until the winter of 2010/11 Gregorian

It's basically about how the simple words attributed to the prophets (if they ever physically existed?) have been taken by the preachers of the various religions, distorted and used as dogma to control people and make money. No more so than by "...some guy in a Roman shack (below) and a fish head hat..."


And, having studied the philosophy of Buddhism during my early 30's I was amazed when later travelling in Thailand in my early 40's to find thousands of Buddhist temples all over the country housing massive gold effigies of the Buddha!


I've since discovered that 'Buddha' is the Hindi word for the planet Mercury (symbol ☿) and so represents wisdom and enlightenment symbolically as he is the closest planet to the Sun (symbol ☉ - personified as 'Jesus' in astro-theology), and therefore closest to the source of our spiritual & physical energy. I realised that it's pretty much the same with all the major religions; the preachers seem to have completely missed the point of the original message, but maybe this is more by design than accident...?

There's certainly a lot of dosh involved as anyone else who's seen the opulent exhibitions of wealth inside the building shown at the top of this section will know!

For me it's all about the major difference between spirituality and organised religion


- o X o -


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© Project Freeman Music (2005 Gregorian)