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Life On Line

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© Project Freeman Music 13521 UCC (2020 Gregorian)


We are lost in social separation

We forgot we're all one

What's the cost of the Facefook generation?

Craving cool, indulgent fun

(but where's the Sun?)


Locked inside

We hide

Staring at the screen

Sharing shots of where we’d been


Life On Line

No sunshine

All our dreams

Turned to memes


All hooked up, plugged into the network

As we feed on the feed

All fucked up, desperate for attention

But on transmission, not receive

(Can we believe what we receive?)


See the places that I’d been

And the cool things that I’d seen

You wanna be as cool as me

(in my cage)?


I hope you wish that you’d been there

But where you were I just don’t care

Just want your comment, like and share

(on my page)



So as we comment, like and share

Sat in our rooms in our underwear

Real freedom is becoming rare

The social fabric we all tear


Our time is typing trivia

Into cyber space oblivia

Big pharma binge on our poor health

Big banks are stealing all our wealth


We drink and snog and post and blog

A funny kitten, chasing dog

Balance fallen, off a log

In self indulgent cyber smog




The Story of 'Life On Line'




These lyrics were written for a Miguel Simoes track.

He sent me a home studio demo he'd done and I said I'd have a go at putting some words to it.

It's an awesome demo that I hope we can share with you soon, as part of an upcoming project we're talking about.

I'd had some ideas previously for a couple of songs - The Facefook Generation & The Lost Art of Conversation  - which I'd never properly written but that I thought would work for this great tune. So I pulled out the best parts of the lyrics I already had, mostly from The Facefook Generation, to get me going then added lots of new ideas.

As always I started off with loads of words which I edited down to fit the melody after running through the ideas a couple of times with Miguel.

The title came from the subject matter and then I realised it abbreviated to LoL which of course made me laugh out loud ;) (but also, how appropriate!)

Now all we have to do is record it properly!


- o X o -


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© Project Freeman Music 13521 UCC (2020 Gregorian)