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No Tax For War

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Original (Pre 'Bin Laden murder conspiracy theory') Version

(Drums by Erbish AKA Dirk : Forsdyke)


Latest - Live in Portugal - Version



At 'Barzinho', Ribamar - 5 Leo♌ 13521 UCC (26th July 2020 Gregorian)

Video by Miguel Simões



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(Post 'Bin Laden murder conspiracy theory' version)

© Project Freeman Music (2009/11)

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Went marching on a demo down in London

Must have been about a million people or two

All carrying a load of banners and slogans

And all shouting “Hey we know what you're planning to do!”


But we ain't had a referendum

And you weren't elected for this

And using tax for attacks on Iraq is just taking the piss!

And so I'm telling you




No tax for war

You can stick y' tax up y' cracks you government whores

I said no tax for war

'Cause the debt is what you're fighting for boys

So I ain't paying no more


But in they went to find the “weapons of mass destruction”

But everybody knew their story was falling apart

It's been illegally a military occupation

They've killed the same amount of people that went on the march


And we still haven't seen Bin Laden

Oh yeah they “murdered him in Pakistan” (Yeah right!)

But the C.I.A were funding him as a U.S Government Bogey Man!

And so I'm telling you


Repeat Chorus


Got stopped by a cop called Phil one Sunday

He said “I stopped you 'cause I couldn't see your tax on display

So I showed him my M.O.T and insurance

And the notice that I sent to the D.V.L.A


'Cause the government's slaughter's illegal

So paying tax is against the law

'Cause they put it in a great big pot to fund the banksters & war

So I ain't giving you


Repeat Chorus


I said no tax for war

Gonna stick my cash in a stash under the floor

I said no tax for war

'Cause the debt is what you're fighting for boys

So I ain't paying no more


I said the debt is what you're fighting for boys

And Her Majesty's a Rothschild whore!

Yeah the debt is what you're fighting for boys

So I...

I ain't paying...

No More.........


No More!



Previous - Live in Great Britain - Version

Live @ The Harlequin Fayre, Great Britain 13514 UCC (2013 Gregorian)

(Post 'Bin Laden murder conspiracy theory' version)


Earlier - Live in France - Version



(Migrating from GooTube to BitChute - video will be uploaded asap)



Recorded live in Cahors, France in 13512 UCC (2011 Gregorian) by Michel Griffin

(Pre 'Bin Laden murder conspiracy theory' version)



The Story of 'No Tax For War'

no tax for war

I wrote this song after I'd stopped paying tax because of our governments' illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It's a story of the events as they happened and I guess also a kind of statement about my views on tax and how it's used

If you visit the 'Project Freeman - Peaceful Rebellion' pages you will see that I got into the whole 'Freeman' idea as a way to protest against our corrupt governments and how they use our tax for things many of us do not agree with, such as war and bailing out the already massively wealthy banks

Once you do the research you realise that withholding tax is actually an obligation we have and an act of "civil obedience" (under the statute legal system, if you're still a part of it) and the best way we can help to stop the atrocities that are funded by our tax money


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