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Serf to Self

From the chronology, a song for each of the Nine Steps on the Road to Redemption from Serf to Self,

the journey from Debt Slavery to Freedom


The Nine Steps

Serf to Self

1. SERF - The Waking Hours

2. SEEK - Your Call

3. STUDY - Same Same (But Different)

4. SHELTER - Badger

5. SOLE - Look Inside±

6. SEVER - And So My Egoes^

7. SERVE - No Tax For War

8. SHARE - No More!

9. SELF - Happy New Day



All songs are © Litmus A Freeman - Project Freeman Music unless otherwise stated

^Lyrics co-written with Martin : Hynes / ±Lyrics co-written with Al : Bloomfield

All music performed by Litmus unless otherwise stated


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