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Litmus A Freeman


Serf to Self

A song for each of the Nine Steps on the Road to Redemption from Serf to Self:

The Journey from Debt Slavery to Freedom


The Nine Steps

Track List


1. SERF - The Waking Hours

2. SEEK - Your Call

3. STUDY - Same Same (But Different)

4. SHELTER - Badger

5. SOLE - Look Inside±

6. SEVER - And So My Egoes^

7. SERVE - No Tax For War

8. SHARE - No More!

9. SELF - Happy New Day



All songs are by

Litmus A Freeman

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(^Lyrics co-written with Martin : Hynes / ±Lyrics co-written with Al : Bloomfield)


All music performed by

Litmus A Freeman

unless otherwise stated



Serf to Self

Serf to Self - In Depth Guide

Here you will find details about the concept and its Nine Steps in an audio visual presentation

Serf to Self is Phase 4 of Project Freeman.



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