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The Road To Redemption

Road to Redemption

From Debt Slavery to Freedom

(In Chronological Order)


Demos of Songs about Relating, Realisation, Remedy & Rebellion... (AND Revelry!)

On the Nine Step Journey from 'Serf' to 'Self'

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I realised that before I got on the road to freedom I used to write a lot of songs about love, romance and relationships. Looking back I guess a lot were written as a kind of escapism because I wasn't really happy with the way some aspects of my life were within "the system"... some examples of these songs are in the set below


Christopher [1989]

I Know Why [1992]

Everywhere I Go [1992]

Screw Me Up Inside* [1992]

Another Life [1992]

I Don't Need Her [1993]

Silly Game [1995]

Tree In The Wind [1996]

Falling In Love (With Myself) [1997]

Summer Silence [1999]

And So, But You (Song For Jim) [2005]

Break Up Break Down [2010]

Where We Both Belong [13513] (2012)

Worlds Apart [13514] (2013)

Your Fragile Love [13516] (2015)

Lovely One [13519] (2018)

Image Flow [13519] (2018)



Later, as I began to become more aware of spirituality, I started to realise the way the world really is and how my working life in the system really was, and didn't like a lot of what I found (does anyone actually like being a 'Serf'?!?) But my awakening and subsequent research gave me a lot of great subject matter to write about. I call these my "Realisation" songs


Prejudice [1991]

You Should Do It Too* [1991]

Trying To Be Like Me [1995]

The Waking Hours [1995]

Hector (The Collector) [1996]

My Back Yard [1997]

Stuff [1998]

Wooden War [1999]

Hey [2000]

Find A Way Through [2005]

Same Same (But Different) [2005]

A Prophet-Able Pay Day [2005]

The War Dead [2009]

The Simple Things [1997/2011]

Empty [13512] (2012)

Breaking Cycles [13513] (2012)

The Golden Age [13513] (2013)

Karma [13517] (2016)


Remedy & Rebellion

Then as my life began to change dramatically I became more and more free, happy and content so I began to write songs about what I was feeling and how I was living my new life... I call these my "Remedy & Rebellion" songs


And So My Egoes^ [1998]

Young Age Pensioner [1998]

Without Walking [1998]

Your Call [2004]

Look Inside± [2004]

Badger [2006]

Books [2006]

The Moment Now* [2008]

Freeman [2009]

No Tax For War [2009]

Happy New Day [2011]

Passing Clouds [13513] (2012)

No More! [13513] (2012)

UCT [13513] (2012)

Feeding The Machine [13515] (2015)

Lost Without Love [13515] (2015)

The New Normal? [13521] (2020)



And to provide some Yin Yang balance to all that deep philosophical, soul searching, muso stuff (I downloaded the 'Gemini' Program!) we've got the 'Revelry' songs; some tongue in cheek tunes with a sense of humour!


You Left Paris In My Car [1991]

Favourite Book* [1991]

That's Another Story [1991]

Sorry (I Fell In Love With You) [1992]

Wannabe John [2008]

Answers On A Postcard [2008]

Shut Up & Skin Up [2010]

Ain't Gonna Take Your Bait [13514] (2013)

Brek-Shit! ° [13519] (2019)

My Doggy's Dead [2009]


All songs are by

Litmus A Freeman

© Project Freeman Music

unless otherwise stated


^Lyrics co-written with Martin : Hynes / * Co-written with Cliff : Coates / ± Lyrics co-written with Al : Bloomfield / º Co-written with Morgan : Roscouet

[" : " between names = "of the family"]


All music performed by

Litmus A Freeman

unless otherwise stated


Note: Calendar Dates

As I'm using the ' Universal Celestial Calendar' which aligns with the 24,000 year 'Great Year' cycle of precession, and the U.C.C was launched with the year 13,513 (which started on 20th March 2012 Gregorian) of the 24,000 year cycle, all dates after that are in U.C.C format



Serf to Self: The Songs

Serf to Self

Nine of the 'Road to Redemption' songs in a 'Serf to Self' playlist,

A song for each of the Nine Steps from 'Serf' to 'Self'

From Debt Slavery to Freedom



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