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Wooden War

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© Project Freeman Music (17/1/2000 Gregorian)

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Where’d you go? History hanging low

What you know, taken years to grow

Many more, taken to the floor

Wooden war, for a table or a door


Two more plains and a prairie, space for the Big Mac’s to graze

Wild worlds, now wilderness wastelands, awash with the 'West’s' wasteful ways


Yesterday, Belgium chopped away

In a week, the whole of Mozambique


Man made mahogany memories, mounted on macho facades

Nature, newly neglected, knowingly dealt the last card?



The Story of 'Wooden War'

Wood 'n War

A song for 'The Trees'!

It's always sickened me to see the way humans have abused nature, especially the trees, which give us so much life and energy on this planet. It is kind of like a corporate war against the trees and I'm on the trees' side so I wrote this one for them. And if we all cut down on our meat intake at least a bit it will help stop more plains and prairies for "... the Big Mac's to graze..." taking the place of our green barky mates

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