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Where There's Oil

Camper Van Demo

Project Freeman · Where There's Oil



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© Project Freeman Music (June 1993 Gregorian)

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Where there's oil, where there's not

Go in force or leave to rot


Full support or none at all

Media show, full petal shawl (and watch it fall)


Threat to system, threat to life

Hit the baron, leave the wife (and child)


Full scale army, U.N. force

Save the rider, shoot the horse


Middle eastern oil reserves

Matter more than Mo's or Cro's or Serbs


Western Hero's, on our screens

Kept the crude a-flowing that's what it means


Central Europe attrocities

Covered up with news of lower mortgage fees


See the truth, live a lie

Turn off, turn on the hype, and leave to die



The Story of 'Where There's Oil'

Where There's Oil

The hypocrisy, double standards and downright lies of our governments. These were once again on show for all to see in the early 90s Gregorian after the full scale invasion of Iraq in the first gulf war followed by the indifference to other conflicts going on in the world in areas that didn't have massive oil deposits (such as the Balkans)

Of course they always tell us it's about 'fighting for democracy' or ' preserving our way of life' or 'stopping the evil doers', but it's amazing the difference whether oil is involved or not...


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