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Camper Van Demo

A 'Morgan/Freeman' track

Original tune by Morgan, additional guitar and lyrics by Freeman



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© Project Freeman Music 13513 UCC (2013 Gregorian)


When you first awake

To the cosmic plan

Empty is everything

Empty to fill again


Oh, there's nothing at all


When you realise

Space is everywhere

Empty inside us all

Empty the universe


Oh, there's nothing at all

But the here and the now

Yeah, there's nothing at all


Empty material

Empty is full of space...



The Story of 'Empty'

Empty Space


My buddy Morgan Roscouet had had the basis of this beautiful tune knocking around for a while when I met him in Portugal (he's got loads of great tunes!!) It's always been one of our favourites to jam when we meet up. I added a second harmony guitar part and eventually wrote some words. It always had a floaty, empty feel to it which led to the words inspired by my earlier studies of 'The 9 Worlds', which shows that most of our Universe, and everything in it, is made up of empty space (which is FULL of energy!)

This was the first version we recorded on a hand held recorder in my Camper Van one day at the beach. The vocals are a bit quiet but it was worth sharing until we meet up again to do a better version



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© Morgan Roscouet / Project Freeman Music 13512 (2012)