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Favourite Book

Home/Mobile Studio Demo

Produced from a live 2007 track recorded with "The SubTles"


featuring, in addition to my Guide Vocal & Rhythm Guitar,

Cliff Coates (right) on Bass & Dirk Forsdyke (left) on drums

New Vocals and Lead Guitar overdubbed on 14th January 2011 Gregorian on the road



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© Project Freeman Music/Halco Music (29/3/1991 Gregorian)

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She came into the Library

looking for an open Book

The one she borrowed last time

Came with a Jacket she mistook


Bridge 1:

She Read it Cover to Cover

Looking for a lover to love her

Wooed by words


She skipped my Introduction

And went straight to Chapter One

And what she found there made her

Read the other Twenty One


Bridge 2:

She Read me Cover to Cover

Looking for the lover to love her

I'm glad she came back for another with better Words



Now I'm, On Loan, I'm her Favourite Book

She keeps, Me open, I'm her Favourite Book

I'm well, (hung!) Overdue, I'm her Favourite Book

(Oh Yeah!)


Paragraphs mean nothing

When Words get in the way

My Sentence is completed

This Book's found a new Library


Instrumental Verse


Repeat Bridge 2


Repeat Chorus


I'm still, On Loan, I'm her Favourite Book

She never, Puts me down, I'm her Favourite Book

She's never, Taking me back, I'm her Favourite Book

Oh Yeah!....



The Story of 'Favourite Book'

favourite book-woman reading

A tongue in cheek "play on words"

You get the title and it all goes from there, we (Cliff & I) had the idea of treating one's love of books as a metaphor for a relationship, in a very arrogant, male ego "...I'm great..." sort of way

I tried to keep the guitars very early 60's sounding in true SubTles (RuTles / BeaTles) fashion, using my black Rickenbacker 330, but got a bit carried away towards the end!


- o X o -


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© Project Freeman Music (1991 Gregorian)