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The Universal Constant

Camper Van Demo

Freeman · The Universal Constant (Camper Van Demo)

Recorded live in Camper Van Poncho at Praia do Foz do Lizandro on 5 Virgo♍ 13523 UCC



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Original Version Written with Cliff Coates

© Project Freeman Music/Halco Music (12th November 1995)

This version 13523 UCC (2022 Gregorian)

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Time... time is an endless ring

And we... drift in and out

And now... now is the only place

Where we... can challenge doubt


Life... life is for living

Through life... we will find out

That LOVE... love is the only thing

That we... can't live without



It's the Universal Constant

That weaves its way through time

Like time its bounds are endless

Making human hearts entwine

It's the Universal Constant

Makes life worth living for

It bonds us all together

And opens all the doors, all the doors


Past... past is what's been and gone

What's passed... leaves us in no doubt

That LOVE... love is the only thing

That we... can't live without


Repeat Chorus




Repeat Chorus x 2


And it's called LOVE

It's called LOVE

It's called LOVE



The Story of 'The Universal Constant'...

LOVE: The Universal Constant

From memory I'm pretty sure this song sprang from the title, which was another great one from Cliff (Coates)

He was great at coming up with inspiring titles and this was one of many. Others include 'The Castle Crumbles From Within' & 'Rainbows On The Moon'. Sometimes, I would be so inspired that I couldn't wait until the following songwriting session to work on the ideas sprouting forth from the title, but as far as I remember this song was very much a joint effort when we reconvened after a couple of years break, and wrote the words together, with the tune based on some nice 'Floydy' kind of chords I had knocking around at the time

Almost 30 years later I find myself coming back to this one, especially as my fellow TRUEbadour Prajna likes it and we've been playing it together recently (13523 UCC/2022 Gregorian), but also because its message fits so well with what I'm into these days... spreading the word of LOVE :)

I've 'tweaked' the words slightly from the original, but the power of the message remains the same: LOVE is The Universal Constant


- o X o -


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© Project Freeman Music/Halco Music (1995 Gregorian) & Project Freeman Music 13523 UCC (2022 Gregorian)