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Rainbows On The Moon

C-amp-er Van Demo

Freeman ยท Rainbows On the Moon (Edit)

Recorded live through the amp in the van at 'The Groove House'



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© Halco Music / Project Freeman Music: 1991 Gregorian & 20 Libra 13519 UCC (10th October 2018 Gregorian)

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Love, Love is all I need

Like you gave to me

Lust is only greed

Now I'm down on my knees.....


You read the paper

Red, your eyes

Orange-d deception

Yellow bellied lies

Green coloured envy disguise

(Green coloured envy disguise)


Lost, lost is how I feel

Like a forgotten song

I don't know the words

And like the tune you are gone....


I Blue my chances

Lost control

Violet-ed trust in me

No parole

Indigo stains on my soul

(Indigo stains on my soul)



I had everything in you why did I look for more

Coloured memories washed away like footprints on the shore

I said I could bring you back

I spoke too soon

More chance of Christmas in June

More chance of Rainbows on the Moon


Time, time has passed me by

Left me on my own

Staring at the sky

Cold heart in stone.....


Repeat Chorus


More chance of rainbows

More chance of rainbows

More chance of Rainbows on the Moon

Rainbows on the Moon

Rainbows on the Moon



The Story of 'Rainbows On The Moon'

Rainbows On The Moon

This all came from a great song title idea from Cliff (Coates), my songwriting partner at the time. Cliff often came up with great titles which I found very inspiring and this was one of his best. He probably found it pretty annoying that I ran off with it and came back soon afterwards with a whole song!

I love word play and usually all I need is an idea or a subject to play around with to get me going, (the same thing had happened with 'You Left Paris In My Car', an idea of our friend Bob Coleman, the year before) so the idea of 'Rainbows on the Moon' was amazingly stimulating to my imagination and I thought it would be really clever to try to get all the colours of the rainbow into the lyrics

Cliff had some good ideas for the arrangement and we did a (very poor quality) demo of the song on cassette tape, with two vocals singing to each other. But here I have done a simplified version with one vocal all in the first person

Hopefully this one will get the full production treatment one day...


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© Halco Music / Project Freeman Music 1991 Gregorian & 13519 UCC (2018 Gregorian)