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(You Left) Paris In My Car

(Idea by Bob Coleman)

Live Home Studio Take

Recorded live in one take with 'The SubTles' featuring, in addition to my Vocal & Rhythm Acoustic Guitar

Cliff Coates on Bass & Dirk Forsdyke on drums

(Also Available on 'The SubTles' SoundCloud page here)


Latest - Live in Portugal - Version



At 'Barzinho', Ribamar - 5 Leo♌ 13521 UCC (26th July 2020 Gregorian)

Video by Miguel Simões



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© Project Freeman Music (1990 Gregorian)

(but based on an original idea by Bob Coleman)

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I gave you scent, but you just sent me round the bend

My aim in life, was to be more than just a friend


My heart was racing, I was chasing you away

Your Sunday driving put the brakes on yesterday

Just when I thought that you were driving me too far

You left Paris in my car


Road works are hell when you think you're on your way home

The road works well, if you can just leave it alone


I missed your signals, I thought we were doing fine

I got my ticket, we were parked on yellow lines

Your light was red, my light was green, I went to far

And you left Paris in my car


We seemed to get stuck in first gear

And you turned off and disappeared

You've lost your way, you've got no map, you won't get far

Since you left Paris in my Car


When I look back I'm glad you drove off when you did

I've bought a car, it only cost me ninety quid


It may not be the fancy vision of your dreams

But the lady driver makes me happy, so it seems

It's how you drive, keeps you alive, be who you are

And don't leave Paris in your car


You left Paris in my Car

You left Paris in my Car



The Story of '(You Left) Paris In My Car'

paris in my car


This was one of the first full songs I ever wrote.

I've always been inspired by good titles and one day my mate Cliff (Coates) told me about an idea his mate Bob (Coleman) had had, about writing a song based on a play on words about the perfume "Paris". The idea was that he would break up with this girl and she would leave the scent of her perfume lingering in his car, which would remind him of her every time he got in the bloody thing. So I went off and wrote all these words playing on that theme, with loads of road/car references. That was sometime around 1990 Gregorian...

Then, years later at one of the 'SubTles' sessions in Jan 2008 Gregorian we decided to do a spoof version with the vocals in an "Allo Allo" fake 'French' accent. This was knocked out in one live take, and whilst the vocal could of course be sung better, the spirit of the thing is what we loved most, and it really suited the whole 'SubTles' tongue in cheek approach.

(and cheers to Bob Coleman for the original idea, I hope he wasn't too traumatised by what I did with it!)


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© Project Freeman Music (1990 Gregorian)