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Young Age Pensioner

Live Home Studio Demo

Recorded in 2008 Gregorian with 'The SubTles'; Cliff Coates on bass & backing vocals, Dirk Forsdyke on drums


Live Acoustic Version

Recorded live in France in 13512 UCC (2011 Gregorian) by Michel Griffin



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© Project Freeman Music

(19-21/2/98 Gregorian)

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I want to be a young age pensioner

It’s a feeling in my head / Did you here what I said?

I want to be a young age pensioner

Don’t wanna work till I’m dead


Can I step outside today, can I make a move and live in my own way

Or will I wait another year, and feel another hope inside me disappear


Or can I make a move right now and live like when I’m older

Does the state allow or will I push this boulder 'till I die


Repeat Chorus


Will I wake up in my dreams, will the world await me underneath a tree?

With a rucksack on it’s back, or will it struggle through another heart attack?


Could I shift a gear right now and see tomorrow morning

With a smile upon it’s face or just ignore the warnings in my life?


Repeat Chorus Twice


Don’t wanna work,

Don’t wanna work,

Don’t wanna work till I’m dead!



The Story of 'Young Age Pensioner'

Freeman-Young Age Pensioner

For much of my life I've questioned this idea that we have to slog our way through life with work, work, work until we're in our 60's to earn the right to chill out for a few years before we snuff it!

As I approached my mid 30's in 1998 I got to thinking that I really couldn't bare the thought of being a slave to employment that long

So I wrote this tune to sum up how I felt, but it took me a further 6 years to "escape"!

The more I've researched for Project Freeman, the more I've become convinced that the aim of the system is to keep us all working and paying tax till we're past our sell by date whilst feeding us additives and toxins in our food, water and air designed to kill us off not long after we turn 65 so they don't have to fork out too long for our pensions!

'The State' is actually a corporation and registered - "persons" (created via the registration of birth - which we don't actually have to do anyway) are its assets to exploit as it sees fit.

The sooner we can escape from this slavery the better

Let's all be Young Age Pensioners!


- o X o -


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© Project Freeman Music (1998 Gregorian)