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Worlds Apart

(for Dani)

Official Music Video - Produced & Directed by Miguel Simoes


Home Studio Recording (Audio Only)

Freeman · Worlds Apart

Recorded & Engineered by Miguel Simoes

Produced & Performed by Litmus A Freeman & Miguel Simoes

Mixed by Litmus A Freeman



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© Project Freeman Music 13514 UCC

(2013 Gregorian)

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You and I share a cosmic world

A private place, of our own design

Where we share many special things

Where my love is yours, and yours is mine



Let's keep our world forever whenever we're together

And hide it here every time we part

For time for ourselves and others

And maybe other lovers

And we can go on as we meant to start

But let's keep... those other worlds apart


In our world I love to hold you close

To say goodnight, and again when we awake

Here the love we give to each other

Is greater than the love we take


Repeat Chorus




Repeat Chorus



Previous - C-amp-er Van Demo - Version

(Recorded DI through the amp in the van at The Groove House)



The Story of 'Worlds Apart'

This is one of the many songs written for a very special twin flame, Dani.

It basically sums up my approach to 'relationships' (what I prefer to call 'relating') - keep them fairly open and free but when you're together really BE together, forsaking all others. So it's like there's just the two of you in that special world (in the centre of the Venn diagram).

When you're apart do what you want but be honest with each other and anyone else involved.

All the different worlds can co-exist, but they're often better kept separate, like parallel universes...


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© Project Freeman Music 13514 UCC (2013 Gregorian)