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She Wouldn't Do Me

Live/Overdubbed - Home Studio Demo

Project Freeman · She Wouldn't Do Me

Music track recorded live at Badger in 2008 Gregorian with 'The SubTles':

Joining me (on guitar) are Cliff Coates on bass and Dirk Forsdyke on drums

Vocals overdubbed 15 Libra♎ 13523 UCC

(5th October 2022 Gregorian)



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Written with Cliff Coates

© Project Freeman Music/Halco Music (10th January 2008 Gregorian)


I went out of my head for a night

Just didn't feel right

Couldn't see, wasn't me

Or how I thought it would be


Without You...

Didn't feel how I did

About You...


She led me on into a world

Where girls do boys and boys do girls


But She Wouldn't Do Me

She Wouldn't Do Me

She could see through me

All the way from me to you


I fell in to my head for a rest

A place you detest

All the things that you are

And the things that I am when I'm not


Within you...

I Know what I wanted to do


But She Wouldn't Do Me

She Wouldn't Do Me

She could see through me

All the way from me to you


She was a teaser

I couldn't please her

I was Down on my knees ah

All the way to you




Repeat Last Chorus


All... the way... to You



The Story of 'She Wouldn't Do Me'

She Wouldn't Do Me

The idea for this song came during sessions with 'The SubTles' in 2008 Gregorian. It was originally called she wouldn't shag me (haha) as a jokey working title, but I think it was my mate Cliff (Coates) who suggested we use 'do me', as our RuTles, SubTles influencers The BeaTles had done on their track 'Don't Let Me Down' (above)

The rest of the narrative is based on a guy being so hung up on his ex that he can't 'get it on' with anyone else, and other girls can see through his façade when he tries!

We recorded the backing track in my home studio (at Badger the Boat) with drums, bass, guitar (my Rickenbacker) and a guide vocal

The vocals you hear here were eventually overdubbed 14 years later in another country!


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© Project Freeman Music (2008 Gregorian)