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Under My Skin

Camper Van Demo

Project Freeman - Under My Skin



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© Project Freeman Music (2006 Gregorian)


I thought the future was there for me to see

A vague idea of contentment beneath the trees

All thoughts of longing lost lovingly at sea

Loving me


My little planet was sailing through the skies

Delicately balanced till you praised me with your eyes

Struck like a meteorite & churned me up inside

Deep inside


And can you feel my first caresses on your skin?

Anticipation of our first kiss as you close in

And the taste of our lips slowly lingering

Now it begins


You’re under my skin


Now I’m floating as the river rushes in

Our energy connected cannot possibly be sin

Just want to teach your inner beauty how to swim

You’re under my skin


And I can feel your skin against my skin

Just want to talk to you ‘cause there’s so much more within

Want you to feel me caressing your soft, soft skin


And I can feel you moving next to me

And with my eyes closed you’re all that I can see

I know the future has changed for me

Since you sailed in


So we begin

Your Eyes...

I’m falling in...

You’re under my skin


You’re under my skin



The Story of 'Under My Skin'

Under My Skin

Anyone who has ever been in the flush of a new encounter will relate to this one. It takes over your life and consumes your passions, it's all that you can think about...

Basically your obsession with their skin gets right under your skin. So it's all about that skin feeling.


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© Project Freeman Music (2006 Gregorian)