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OptIn Out

Opt In Opt Out

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© Project Freeman Music (15th & 22nd November 2005)

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Got to get up cos I got to go to school

Cos I got to fit In and I got to learn the rules

Cos I got to study hard cos I got to get the grades

Cos I got to get a job cos I got to get the pay

And I got to keep busy if I’m gonna get paid

Cos I got to flash some money if I’m gonna get laid

And I got to drive the car and I got to wear the gear

Cos I got to look cool while I’m living in fear


And I got to have more and I got to have it quick

Cos I got to look the part if it's me she's gonna pick

Cos I got to get married and I got to buy a pad

Cos I need another Mummy, cos my Mummy left my Dad


So I got to pay the mortgage and I got to pay the bills

So I got to do this fuckIn job that’s makIn me ill

And I got to watch the tele cos I got to see the pain

And I got to feed my belly while they’re washIn my brain

And I got to have the Hollywood on D.V.D

Cos I got to see the way they tell me how my life could be

But wait...


Then slowly it dawns on me

That things look so different when I switch off my TV

Cos the Ads and their colours and pictures

Take hold, replacing my mentors

And soaps, replacing real teachers

And politicians, spinning benefits and features

Sell dreams like evangelist preachers

And we... are susceptible creatures



So I’m switchIn off the tele and I’m turnIn onto real

And I’m listenIn to my little voice and how I really feel

And I’m payIn off the mortgage cos I’m sellIn off the pad

And I’m gettIn rid of all the stuff that’s drivIn me mad

And I’m switchIn off the Ads and I’m switchIn off the News

Cos I don’t need their stuff or their mainstream point of views

And I’m playIn my music without the MTV

Cos I don’t need a sponsor sellIn fuckIn “cool” to me


And I’m packIn in the job and I’m gettIn on a plane

Before the Corporation drives me fuckIn Insane

And I’m eatIn when I’m hungry and I’m sleepIn when I’m tired

Cos I don’t have to worry that I’m gonna get fired


And I’m laughIn and I’m chillIn and I’m loving every day

Cos I ain’t got the bullshit gettIn in my way

So I don’t need the busy cos I don’t need the pay

Cos I don’t need the fuckIn stuff and thought that I should say


That Life

Gets better every day

When you Live It

Your Own Way


Yeah Life

Gets better every day

When you're LivIn

Your Own Way



The Story of 'OptIn Out'

Opt In Opt Out

I started writing the words for this one the day I sold my house (which also happens to be my brother's birthday and later turned out to have cosmic significance for my 'Badger' story - but That's Another Story!) So that day was a big step on the 'Road To Redemption', my plan to simplify my life and opt-out of the system as much as possible.

'Sell The House' was the 3rd Big Step on the journey, following 1.Quit The Job and 2.Go Travelling. It was after Step 2 while I was travelling that I'd had my amazing 'Your Call' encounter which led to Step 3 and this song.

Maybe like a lot of us, I don't remember ever really choosing to 'Opt In' to the whole modern, western, capitalist way of life, it just kind of happens over time due to childhood conditioning and dealing with original wounds I guess... Then one day, as Talking Heads put it in their song 'Once In A Lifetime', "...you may ask yourself, "What is that beautiful house?", and you may ask yourself, "Where does that highway go to?"..." and you're not really sure how you got there, but you find yourself with a big house and an even bigger mortgage, all this stuff, bills to pay and work commitments etc but you just want to see where that highway goes to!

So that day of the house sale I was thinking about all that, and I imagined a typical life in the system and started to summarise it in verse, with some personal references, and later I finished the words and put them to music inspired by a riff that my son Thom came up with, once we'd moved to our new place. The new place turned out to be a bridge to Step 4. Live On A Houseboat (see the 'Badger' link above), Step 5. Get A Camper Van and Step 6. Hit The Road!

I like the play on words with this one too, opting out, Opt In/Out


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