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Keep Coming Back To You

Camper Van Demo

Project Freeman · Keep Coming Back To You

(This Version In E Major)



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© Project Freeman Music (31st December 1999 & 14th/15th January 2000 Gregorian)

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In a cellar full of noise

Some other guy is crashing in

Making show the German streets

Lost to the capital


Sing a tsunami sail the screams

To hide a multitude of sins

And from the cavern of my dreams

You keep coming back to me


This boy will always grab my throat

So alive you’re in my room

Can I use you for my pun

Or is it a train track time?


The night is harder than the day

Tripping daily ride away

Yes Tonight and Yes Today

Bringing you back to me


A single note melode my way

A track in four take two time

And all the things we said today

A bird can sing in sunshine


When I wander to the west

And wonder why or where you went

Christmas comes around

Celluloid and clear


And in the Apple of my eye

The rooftops come to life

Men in suits are closing in

A decade comes to close

And in the end She knows

Others come and go

But I keep coming back to you



The Story of 'Keep Coming Back To You'

Keep Coming Back To You Basement

A Song for The Beatles

My biggest musical influence by far, and not just musical. Over the years I've gotten into other bands and artists here and there for a while, and really enjoyed their stuff. But I always come back to The Beatles! They're like a bunch of old mates who've been there for me throughout my life. They're like the stars in the night sky that I've been gazing at off and on for almost 50 years.

Their output, over just 7 short years, between the two pictures above and below (1962 thru 1969), was absolutley phenomenal and will take some beat(l)ing!

So yeah, whoever else I listen to, admire, cover or get inspired by, rest assured Beatles, I Keep Coming Back To You <3 <3 <3 <3

Keep Coming Back To You Rooftop


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© Project Freeman Music (1999/2000 Gregorian)