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Mod Stress America

Camper Van Demo

Project Freeman ยท Mod Stress America



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© Project Freeman Music/Griller Music (10th June 2001 Gregorian)

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We're not from L.A. and we don't 'tok' like you

But you still assume that we know what you do


I'm not from upstate or the east side

And the stars and the stripes don't swell me with pride


We don't know what soft-more year is

And we never went to senior high

But hear these used in every Hollywood movie

As we choke on American pie


Clint Eastwood is old he ain't sexy no more

So tell it like it is - we might listen to you more


Just four percent, you represent

But the media swamp I'm beginning to resent


You're so good at the history rewrites

The war was won by guys with a drawl

You've shared your culture even more than your air pollution

So instead of 'shopping' we now 'go to the mall'


So sometimes I wish that you all spoke Chinese

Then our brains may be free of your washing disease

And try as I might I can't swallow your shite

You should all travel more and watch Michael Moore



The Story of 'Mod Stress America'

Mod Stress America

A play on words of 'God Bless America' and a bit of a whinge about the way American 'culture' is inflicted upon the rest of the world, particularly through their Hollywood media machine

In Britain the same thing happens with London dominating the media


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© Project Freeman Music (2001 Gregorian)