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Love In Hearts

Camper Van Demo

Project Freeman · Love In Hearts

This version in Bb - played in A with a capo on 1st fret



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© Project Freeman Music: 30 Taurus♉ 13516 & 16 Sagittarius♐ 13519 UCC (2015/18 Gregorian)

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With your love in my heart

(love in my heart)

And with my love in your heart

We'll never be apart


With our love, love in our hearts


When I first met you

A song sang in my soul

It felt like I knew you before

Two halves of a whole


I wanted to see you again

To explore the feelings inside

Not a question of if, but when

‘Cause true love can never be denied


Repeat Chorus


And now that we're sharing our worlds

You feel close even when you're not here

And I know 'till I see you again

That our love will never disappear


And now that I've told you

Of the love here in my heart

I can't wait to hold you again

Share the love that I've felt from the start


Repeat Chorus



The Story of 'Love In Hearts'

all we need is love

This is a 'Scorpio♏Rising', 1950s 'doowop', crooner inspired, loveydovey pastiche of a tune which I wrote whilst still hopelessly in love (awwww - ya soppy twat!). You can only come up with this kind of stuff when you're in that vibe because you just don't care, whereas any other time you wouldn't dream of doing stuff like this, ha ha xD

But it's true eh? When you're in a happy, contented kind of love you can really go for this type of cheesy, romantic shite ;D

And I remember a particularly nice 'green' evening in my camper van with my brother and two nephews back in South Cymru when this one really started coming together. I finished it off properly, in terms of arrangement and final lyrics etc, a few years later during a little 'tidying up' session in Muros, Galicia, another of my favourite parts of the world

Happy memories in lots of ways then...


- o X o -


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© Project Freeman Music 13516 UCC (2015 Gregorian)