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How Patient Do You Want Me To Be?

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Freeman · How Patient Do You Want Me To Be?

Recorded and Mixed by Alexandre Picinni



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Note: This song was written in D but later changed to G to better suit my range.
The PDF above is in the original key of D which can be played with a capo on 5th fret for the key of G.

Here is also a version in G which can be played in root tuning sans capo




© Project Freeman Music - 5 Virgo♍ 13513 UCC

(25th August 2012 Gregorian)

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I was sitting at the back of the van

Thinking about you and me

About how I love to have you around

And how we both love to be free


Can we love us just the way that we are

With all our peculiarities?

And keep our cosmic connection alive

Whenever we're close, and feeling the most

Connected that we have ever been


But how patient do you want me to be?

How patient do you want me to be?


'Cause I could love you at a quarter to two

And again at a quarter to three!

But it's been so many days

And now you're going away from me


When you get back, more than a month

Since we had that intimacy

Way too long since the feeling inside

Since we got it on, instead of singing a song

I wanna feel your legs wrapped 'round of me


But how patient do you want me to be?

How patient do you want me to be?


I understand there are things from the past

That don't wanna let us be free

But we know if we don't take it too fast

We can get to that place called ecstasy


Now we've been there do we wanna go back

To places we've already been?

All we need is a little relax

I can do it for you, and you for me too

In that moment of spontaneity


But how patient do you want me to be?

How patient do you want me to be?

How patient do you want me to be?


But while you're away know that whatever I say

I'm waiting here patiently...



The Story of 'How Patient...'

Olot Church

How Patient? A lot!
The church in Olot, Catalunya (complete, like all churches, with phallic symbol) behind which this song was written

This one is very much in the style of early Beatles, boy/girl, young love kinda stuff

The boy is obviously totally into his girl having recently 'hooked up' with her for the first time and he wants more!

But she's keeping him keen and making him wait and is probably not at all impressed with (or maybe secretly smiling at) his needy Please. But you know what guys can get like when they're 'on the hook'. She's about to leave for a few weeks and he's going to have to wait at least until she Gets Back. So This Boy has come up with a tongue in cheek song which he hopes will woo her... (I don't reckon he's got a hope with this, but he's going to enjoy playing it anyway!)

I wrote this one whilst sitting at the back of my van, parked at the back of the above church in Olot in Catalunya. It was stinking hot being at the height of summer, and so a real, real test of patience, waiting for my beloved to return. How Patient did I have to be? A Lot! (#pundemic) (Oh yeah and she didn't like the song at all, ha ha)


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© Project Freeman Music 13513 UCC (2012 Gregorian)