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Hey Darlin'

Camper Van Demo

Freeman · Hey Darlin'



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© Project Freeman Music: 15 Capricorn♑ 13513 UCC (3rd January 2013 Gregorian)

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Went with my calling to the beach

Where I felt right at home where society don't reach to preach

You were calling at the sea

I felt a strong connection when you first held hands with me



There's so much left to learn and so much more to do

So much to share, so much with you

Hey darlin'


And when I hold you in my arms

It feels so right like you're my lovely star blessed good love charm

And now I've seen it in the stars

I know our destiny was to meet again and share our hearts


Repeat Chorus


So as the days go spinning by

I'm getting closer yeah but I'm not at all afraid to die

My love is stronger than their fear

Even though I'm longer of tooth and hairier of ear


Repeat Chorus


Now, as we face the Golden Age

Let's turn our back on all the ignorance and hear the sage

And ride on Mother Nature's dream

Back home to the loving One, to share our learning of the stream


Repeat Chorus


Hey darlin'

Hey darlin'

Hey Dani darlin'



The Story of 'Hey Darlin''

Another song inspired by Dani Kulle

Every songwriter benefits from a good muse, and Dani was probably the best ever for me. I guess it's because we were so on the same page about so many things and we used to talk for hours about life, the universe and everything...

"Hey darlin'" was my standard greeting for her, and here I aimed to sum up our philosophy in a little dialogue between the two of us. I wouldn't say this was her favourite song of mine that I wrote for her by any means, but after this she sometimes used to quote the "...so much left to learn and so much more to do..." part back to me in conversations, which always made us smile


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© Project Freeman Music 13513 UCC (2013 Gregorian)