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Take Off Your Shoes And Open My Beer

Live Demo

Project Freeman · Take Off Your Shoes And Open My Beer (Live)

This Version: Live at Chiringuito Xan, Louro Beach, Galicia on 7 Virgo♍ 13518 UCC

(27th August 2017 Gregorian)



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© Project Freeman Music (31st July 2010)

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We was on a road trip - Summer 2-0-10

Just off the ferry as the sun was rising again

Stopped off on the Belgian coast, found a little beach for the day

Three on two, with beers 'n doobs and we began to play


Later in the evening this guy rocks up next door

He went by the name of “H'amay Luust” - his porn star name for sure!

He joined our party with some beers of his own and the cabbage was tasting sweet

And when I was thirsty he opened my beer with the shoes right off his feet


Yeah he took off his shoes and opened my beer

He took off his shoes and opened my beer

He took off his shoes, and opened my beer

I gave those shoes a cheer cos they opened my beer




We kept jammin' he was singing along while we were playin' some riffs

Singin' and jokin' and drinking our beers, smokin' a couple of spliffs

The waves were crashing behind the dunes and the wind was blowin' the sky

And when we got thirsty and needed a beer we'd shout to the Belgian guy


Take Off Your Shoes and Open My Beer

I said take off your shoes and open my beer

Take off your shoes, and open my beer

I'm dyin' of thirst over here so open my beer



The Story of 'Take Off Your Shoes And Open My Beer'

Shoes open bottles

This is one of a batch of four songs I came up with while I was on a road trip in June 2010 Gregorian with a couple of mates.

We'd got to a beach on the Belgian coast in the early hours of the morning straight off the ferry and had been hanging out there all day. Later that evening we were jammin some tunes and having a drink and a smoke when a local Belgian guy turned up and parked next to us. He told us his name was Hamay Luust (not spelt ike that!) which really sounded like a porn star name, but he joined our party with some beers of his own and mucked in with what we were doing.

I was amazed when asking for a beer that, as the lyrics of the song describe, he literally took off his shoes and opened my beer! He had shoes with a bottle opener embedded in the bottom (like the ones above). So the song kind of wrote itself really, because I pretty much just wrote down the story of what happened :)

The other songs of that batch were: Shut Up & Skin Up, It Don't Take Much and Three On Two.

If you have some words for a tune but no tune blues riffs always seem to work ;)


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