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Free Gypsy Girl

Camper Van Demo

Freeman · Free Gypsy Girl



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© Project Freeman Music - 23 Cancer♋ 13513UCC

(14th July 2012 Gregorian)

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You came to know it was, time just to go

Away from the life you had known

Longing to 'Be' your, spirit set free

From all of that world you'd been shown



We met in a place of

Free time & space

To share our love free on the road



Our free spirits need nature to be freed from the greed around us

Now we feel our need and our spirits freed energies can ground us

Now we are free of society and the chains that bound us

I feel the soul of a Gypsy girl and the love surround us


Free Gypsy Girl


I came to know I was, fine on my own

Never lonely, just happy alone

Travelling free every, day being me

Free of all the stuff that I’d owned


Repeat Bridge


Repeat Chorus


Free Gypsy Girl



The Story of 'Free Gypsy Girl'

My first "Dani" song! Written whilst travelling in the south of France.

I'd had the tune for this one in my head for a while when we met and I remember first getting this gypsy girl idea whilst waiting for her in the camper van outside a shitty supermarket ("four cars" shall we say) near Perpignan after we'd just crossed the border from Spain

Like me she really did enjoy her freedom so I put that into the words and told a little 'utopian' story about our meeting


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© Project Freeman Music 13513 UCC (2012 Gregorian)