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The Other Guy

C-amp-er Van Demo

Freeman · The Other Guy (Demo)

Recorded live through the amp in the van at 'The Groove House'



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© Project Freeman Music: 3 Gemini♊ 13519 UCC (24th May 2018 Gregorian)


Laying close to you here

The world around us seems to fade and disappear

It’s such a beautiful view

But Mother Nature pales, my eyes are full of you


I want to hold you so bad

To feel my fingers touch the skin they never have

I want to kiss you even more

Your lips they tease me from behind half opened door


Chorus 1

But I feel lucky just to be with you today

To feel your energy until you run away

I wish you'd stay for just one night

And I’m melancholy as your car drives out of sight


And all the things that you’ve said

Keep coming back to me and running ‘round my head

You seem to want me to want you

Where do you draw the line? Oh if I only knew


Chorus 2

I long to kiss you and you know I wanna try

But I know how it feels to be the other guy

And so I hold myself at bay

Will I be strong enough again another day?


‘Cause you’re so hard to resist

So even though it’s wrong my fantasies persist

I don’t belong to this world

Of only one for one, one boy for just one girl


Repeat Chorus 2


But maybe one day you’ll be free

To come and stay a while and spend some time with me

‘Till then I’ll try to pass this test

Enjoy the time with you with which I have been blessed


Chorus 3

‘Cause I know how it feels to be the other guy

And though I long to kiss you oh today I daren't try

And so I hold myself at bay

Will I be strong enough... again another day?



The Story of The Other Guy

the other guy

Based on one of my poems 'On The Cliffs'


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© Project Freeman Music 13519 UCC (2018 Gregorian)